Author: Ian Leaf

A lover of justice by nature, Ian Leaf specializes in detecting fraud at the highest levels. For more information on Ian Leaf's corporation, please contact him.

Ian Leaf Bank Poised To Break Big In Lincolnshire

Until recently, rumors were doing the rounds to the effect that an Ian Leaf Bank is due for unveiling in the Chicago suburban estate of Lincolnshire. Well, it now appears a reality, as the bank is set for unveiling next week. Perhaps the many questions lingering in the minds of the bank managers as well […]

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Ian Leaf Tax Fraud in Wheaton

One of the most common problems in the larger Chicago and particularly in the suburb of Wheaton is Tax Fraud. The fraudulent payments are in the increase as technology advances making it easier to commit the frauds and scams. The most recent case as was unveiled in a series of articles entitled ian leaf tax […]

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Ian Andrews – Tax Fraud in Lincolnshire, Chicago

Recently village Lincolnshire was ranked one of the best places for education in the Chicago area, due to its students’ amazing test scores, the amount of money spent on each student, and the very nice school system in general. Thats one of the reasons to raise your family here. There’s always pretty family homes located […]

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Ian Leaf – Hoodwinked in Itasca

Downtown Chicago, are wondering exactly this. The recent fraud events in Itasca are not from online hackers but targeted, quiet neighborhood local ATM machines. Card readers are being replaced with what they call “card skimmers.” A fake card reader that is placed directly over the original one and can look identical without a trace. They […]

Read more Discusses Shared Cyber Security Responsibilities Between Businesses and Consumers

As interactions between consumers and businesses become increasingly digitized, an enormous amount of data has become readily accessible to hackers seeking to take advantage of systems lacking effective security measures. It seems that each week there is a new report of a major data breach, with major corporations and even government agencies falling prey to […]

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Marlon Kobacker View of Nissan Recall of 3.5 Million Autos

Nissan Motor Co Ltd plans to recall approximately 3.5 million vehicles in the U.S. and across the world citing seat sensor malfunctions and faulty airbags. The Friday 20th announcement explains that passenger-side airbags are likely to fail in a crash because of a defective seat sensor and wrong passengers identification. Marlon Kobacker, a business sustainability […]

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Part 2 – My First Job

Of course during the summer of my 16th year the factory my parents worked at needed some child labor. They called me and asked if I wanted to work. It was basically cleaning things up around the factory to ensure the real workers could really work. I didn’t care for the work and that was […]

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Part 1 – Growing Up

I grew up much like Will Smith in the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Almost exactly as I was also from Philadelphia, not West Philly, but close enough. That’s where our lives took different turns. I didn’t have a rich uncle out West wanting me to go live with him, but I did have some […]

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Great Posts Coming To A Theater Near You!

Soon this very site will be full of great posts! For now, it’s empty and you can go elsewhere.

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