Ian Andrews Corporation in Wicker Park: From Goats to Glory

These days, you are not hip if you don’t live in or hang out at Wicker Park. Bucktown, or Wicker Park, is considered to be the hottest and trendiest neighborhood in Chicago these days. It is kind of hard to believe that it used to be an area occupied mostly by goats. There’s a theory that Bucktown got its name for the goats that Polish immigrants used to raise in the 1900’s. Nowadays, Wicker Park is the place to go for delicious food, awesome architecture, and amazing events and festivals. Different companies and institutions surround the area of Wicker Park, such as the Ian Andrews Corporation.

Some of the popular events at Wicker Park include the Wicker Park Fest that usually occurs at the end of July. For anyone who loves a good neighborhood festival, this one is something that should be on the list. Tourists and locals flock to Wicker Park every year for this event. The Wicker Park Fest is lauded as “Chicago’s Best Street Festival of the Summer” by Chicago Tribune with a vibrant and incredibly diverse music line-up. In 2016, they reported to have about 40 bands playing on several stages. Amazing local dishes, arts and crafts, some retail vendors and a kid’s play area are other attractions.

If you are a foodie who is looking to go on a food tour of Wicker Park, there are lots of cuisines to choose from. If you want a good cup of coffee, check out Filter Café, which has super comfy couches to chill on. If you want some delicious ramen, check out Furious Spoon. Looking for a place that serves cocktails and a full meal? Bangers & Lace might be the right spot for you.

If you are an artsy type, an upcoming event that you can look forward to is the Renegade Craft fair. Considered to be the largest independent showcase of the very best of modern crafts and design, Renegade is guaranteed to be a cool event to check out. Bring your family and friends! For the more musically inclined, there are a lot of indie artists who stop by the Wicker Park neighborhood to play at bars and different concert venues. The Mowgli’s, Hayden James, and Metroplane will be headed to Wicker Park in the next few months. Be sure to get tickets!

Overall, this unusual town with an interesting backstory is an interesting community to immerse yourself in. Go out and have fun!

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