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Mr. Jones of Buffalo Grove, Chicago recently received a disturbing phone call which led him to believe that he had been the victim of identity theft and fraud. He received a call from a motor dealership to confirm the purchase of his new vehicle and to inquire about whether he was satisfied with his purchase and with the service he received from the dealership. His mind began to run and he became concerned about how many other items had been purchased using his name, social security number and bank account details?

Identity theft and fraud is a very real situation and occurs on a daily basis in the United States but of course, every body thinks that it won’t possibly happen to them until it actually does. It is a frightening feeling to realize that somebody out there knows everything about you and may have actually been watching you, spying on you either in person or through the internet.

Mr. Jones reported the situation to the local authorities, as well as the dealership in question. The dealership was able to supply all the required documentation which led them to believe that they were dealing with a professional and they had certainly been foiled.

Ian Leaf Fraud Investigators was called to the rescue. Ian Lead has been in the industry of fraud detection and prevention for 18 years. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, he was certainly the only one to call. Mr. Jones wanted his life and his name back and the perpetrator brought to book. Ian Leaf Fraud Investigators traced any other transactions that had been done by the “fake Mr. Jones” and managed to untangle to the web of “real fake documents”. Using the documents provided by the dealership and other suppliers, he went into sleuth mode.

Using his skills, contacts, knowledge, and experience he truly proved why he is the best in the business. The perpetrator was quickly brought to book and charged with identity theft, fraud, and theft in the case of the motor vehicle purchased, as he had already sold it on to the next victim on the black market. Mr. Jones was cleared of all the debts accumulated in his name, by the perpetrator and he has his life back once again.

This incident has taught Mr Jones to be especially vigilant about securing his personal documents and encrypting any personal information stored on his personal computer. He was given some guidelines by Ian Leaf to insure against this happening again in the future and this included doing regular checks on bank statements to look for irregularities and to do thorough credit evaluations regularly to see if any purchases have been made against his name of which he is unaware. Fraud found early can help to prevent damage that is very difficult to rectify. Be vigilant.

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