Hipster Tissue

Ian Leaf’s Hipster Tissue

$799.00 $649.00

This box of tissue has been owned by the fictitious Mr. Ian Leaf. His also fictitious company, The Ian Leaf Clothing Company has no use for this tissue as they would rather have they money you spend buying it. Go on hipster, give it a whirl! It will be the most expensive tissue to ever grace your nostrils!

500 in stock

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Product Description

Fresh from the box, never before used tissue. May or may not have branding on the box depending on the time at which you purchase.

Ian Leaf has been using tissue since he was a young boy. This particular box, apart from the price, is nothing to talk about. So let’s talk about the price!

At $649 for a single box (regular price $799), you’ll need to be a SoHo hipster to afford it! Assuming you are, then congratulations, there is only 1 in stock (and 500 available). Once you place your order, we’ll ship whatever we have. If we’re out of tissue, we’ll go buy another box for $2 and ship that to you!

Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 12 in





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