Old Fire Stuff

Old Fireplace Stuff

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This old fireplace poker is not an antique. In fact it’s just old, might have parts missing and can be purchased for less money just about anywhere. However, this particular one is already old, saving you the hassle of waiting for yours to get old.

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Product Description

“With what do you poke your fire?” asked the fool. “A fireplace poker” you reply.

That’s a conversation you can have while sitting around this old fireplace set. You’ll have this conversation if your friends are elegant fools who understand proper English, but not common sense.

Mr. Ian Leaf and Mr. Ian Andrews say, “If you have to pay tax for this, you’re dealing with a fraudster.” We deny those claims as these fictitious men are not tax attorneys!

Additional Information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 3612 x 12 x 36 in

Metal of some kind. Like steel, or brass, or iron. I’m not a metallurgist, OK?


Used. Definitely used. “Well used” would be more specific.


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